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Interview Tips


Before the interview:

1)      You should be familiar with the company’s background and fully understand the job description

2)      Prepare for the answers that the Interviewer may asked

3)      Also bring 1-2 copies of your CV with you

4)      Arrive 10-15 minutes earlier for the interview

5)      Dress properly

6)      Do not over makeup or overdo the fragrance

7)      Do not play with your mobile phone when waiting for the interview




During the interview:

1)      Sit properly and keep eye contact with the interviewer

2)      Keep smiling

3)      Show that you are a positive person

4)      Listen carefully and be confident when answering interviewer’s question

5)      Switch off or turn the mobile phone to silent mode

6)      Do not bad-mouth your previous/ current company or someone who worked with you





Frequently asked questions in the interview:

1)      Briefly introduce yourself

2)      Why you are interested in this job

3)      Why do you think you are suitable for this job

4)      What is the reason that you leaved the previous job

5)      What are the achievements from your previous job

6)      What are your weaknesses

7)      What are your goals for the coming future